COBB PROMO Three Auto Detail Advertising Rectangle Boomer Feather Flags Complete Kits with Three Flag Poles and Three Ground Spikes

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This is complete flag set with easy to install pole kit and hardware included. This stands 15ft tall when assembled with the pole kit and hardware. With the included fittings, it can be placed in grassy areas or soil. Options to install on walls, roofs, car tires, and a variety of other places are also available. With high quality printing and vibrant colors, it can grab attention of customers from a distance. This is the most effective and affordable way of drawing attention to your product, business or advertisement. We also offer custom designed flags and other outdoor advertisement materials in a variety of shapes and sizes.
BENEFITS: Perfect for outdoor advertising. Grabs attention from a distance. Increases visibility and traffic into your business.
MATERIAL: The flag is made up of heavy duty polyester material. This makes it extremely durable and weather resistant. Heavy duty ground spike with Aluminium pole set.
PACKAGE: Includes three approximately 12ft long 3ft wide flag, three 5pc pole kit and three ground spike.
FEATURE: Windless rectangular boomer flags
List Price: $209.99
buynow3 How To Advertise Your Business