Dunkin’ Donuts Drive Thru Advertising Feather Banner Swooper Flag Sign with Flag Pole Kit and Ground Stake

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Complete Feather Flag Kit w/ the Ground Stake for Outdoor Use
You’ll receive one banner flag as shown in the main image, one flag pole (top piece will vary between a flexible tip or a full aluminum piece, which is decided by our distribution center), and one ground stake. This setup will allow for a quick vertical install onto dirt. Tie down clips are only provided with pole kits that have flexible tips. Full aluminum pole will not use them.

Some tips to increase life span of your feather flag kit

  • Take indoors during strong winds or harsh weather
  • Do not use flag kit near fence, wall, or other objects that can cut or fray the flag
  • Keep away from trees and power lines. Use in a clear open areas only.
  • Only mount the kits vertically as instructed. Do not mount at angles.
  • When telescoping poles, make sure dimples or bushels are always on top – otherwise your poles will go too far into each other and become stuck.

We are not affiliated nor endorsed by any companies that are present on the flag. By purchasing this product, you agree to have all rights to use any logo(s) present on this flag.

GET YOUR BUSINESS NOTICED: A must have for businesses hidden in a large and hard to sort shopping center. Use these banner flags on the sidewalk or entrance to get customers to your door.
ADVERTISE ON A BUDGET: Most cost-effective way to advertise. Average lifespan brings the advertising cost to just a few pennies a day.
VISIBLE FROM A DISTANCE: Bright and vibrant colors make the flags easily visible to people on the highway or a busy intersection. These are a must have to get your business noticed. Back of the flag will have a mirror image of the graphics on the front. Flag’s pole sleeve is usually black but some designs can come with white.
4 piece telescopic pole kit and steel ground stake included for easy mounting to dirt
List Price: $49.99
buynow3 How To Advertise Your Business